Friday, July 8, 2011

My Daily Reads and Inspiration

When I decided I wanted to get back into quilting, I turned to the internet to see what had changed in the quilting world since I last was stitching.

A lot.

I am truly amazed at the changes in fabric design, quilt designs in general, and in the people that are knee deep in fabric scraps. Wow. Times have changed and I'm loving what I see.

First off, there are so many fabric choices -- so many with bright colors and funky patterns. Gosh, where did the calico prints go? And the designs ... simple designs are so refreshing to see. While I still love all the traditional blocks, I'm seeing so many updated versions or twists on old favorites that I'm in awe.

And the people. I remember viewing quilting as an old ladies craft. I hate to admit that. I was pretty young when I became interested in quilts but most of the designers, teachers, and leaders in the quilting world were older or at least middle-age. That's no longer the case. I can't believe the number of young women (in their 20s and 30s) who are totally in love with quilting. I attribute the beautiful colors and prints available in fabric now and the fun designs to their youth, vitality, and influence.

And it's just incredible the difference technology has made to the quilting world. Digital cameras make it possible to document the steps taken in making a block or showing a technique. Patterns can be purchased and delivered almost instantaneously. Fabric can be ordered online ... and be on its way to you in a matter of hours. Knowledge can be shared via online video (QNN.TV for instance!) and quilters can blog about what they're doing, host and participate in quilt-a-longs ... the list goes on and on. It's simply amazing and wonderful to see how far quilting has come in the last 10 years.

I decided to add a blogroll to my blog (mostly for myself so that I can do a quick check every day to see what my favorite quilters are up to.) I'm sure I'll be adding to the list as time goes on ... but for now, this is a great start!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a nice comment! What a nice surprise to see my name on your blogroll. :)

    I just love the new modern prints! I love the traditional ones too. :) It's great that no matter what you like, you can find it now, or if not, even have it printed!

    Have fun in the FMQAL! I was looking in the Flickr group the other day and everyone has such beautiful blocks!